Hello! Let me tell you what a cat can bring into your life:

A cat is not very demanding by nature and it will normally take only what you are willing to give from a relationship. Nothing more, nothing less. Cats can sometimes appear extremely happy to see you but they won’t sit in a corner and cry when you go away. They have a secret life that goes beyond the relationship they have with you. They will however appreciate your presence when you are around.

They might show their affection when you’re busy and they might reject you when you want a cuddle: you won’t always be able to receive their love when you want it, like turning on a switch. Cats seek warm and safe places to sleep and they will often want to share a bed with you. However, they consider it a privilege, not a right – a hammock hanging from the radiator or a spot near the stove will be equally fine. When you’re sad they will get off the sofa to comfort you or they’ll lie on their back with their legs in the air to make you laugh: they were born to be comedians!

They will eat expensive prawns or simple cat food: the trick is to feed them the same thing right from the beginning. They will accept what you offer them but the more you’ll give them the more they’ll want. Be brave enough to set rules. This way you should be able to keep the control of your home. You’ll have to struggle to give them medicine, you’ll hate car trips with them, their fur balls will annoy you and they’ll occupy every comfortable chair in the house. In return, if you're lucky, you will share experiences with them– moving house, raising children, problems and happiness – for twenty years.

Over the years you will take a million photographs of your cat and you will eventually develop your own personal language so that you’ll understand what it wants and when it wants it. When it’ll be gone you will grieve and you will be amazed that such a small and hairy creature can be missed so much. In conclusion, I highly recommend that you share your home with a cat. Once you've experienced the pleasures of owning one, you won’t ever regret your decision.

Yours sincerely,
a cat lover.

A special thank you to Vichy Halls, the author of this wonderful letter, who was able to portray the thoughts of many animal lovers, especially cat lovers.

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