You can see pictures of the most recent litters by visiting the Kittens & News page, where you will also find information about upcoming litters and our participation in trade fairs. In the Gallery section you will find photographs of some of our best specimens of Birman cats.

We are amateur breeders, meaning that our families have grown larger with the addition of cats. They live with us and share our everyday life. Our kittens grow up in a relaxed environment and learn to stay indoors without any problems. The facilities are well kept, clean and with absolutely no cages.

In the the GALLERY section you can find photographs of some of our best specimens of Birman cat (characteristics and details of the Birman cat).

Our goal is to create a breeding facility with few specimens selected according to standards, health and personality. We always recommend that you visit the facilities before choosing a Sacred Cat of birman so you’re welcome to come and see us...

We are located in Via Donizetti, 7 a Montericco di Negrar provincia di Verona.

Breeding of the Sacred Cat of birman of Chiara Cubi
+39 347 2958500 - Via Donizetti 7, 37024 Negrar, Verona (Italy)
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